Berlin glasses shop Retail Project, Hong Kong

The company monopoly vintage glasses, the concept came from the ancient European master for a lens and a screw of the meticulous and intentions. To bring out the classical taste of glasses, use of the British Museum and Baroque style, but to meet the modern taste, so weakened the Baroque style bold effect, only to retain the details of the frame. Show the window around the imitation of the oil painting frame, put the glasses felt like an artifact, bring out the characteristics of goods. In the golden frame mix with the back lights create the gorgeous effect, forming a low-key but noble feeling.

New team member!!

New team member: Rossy. She is a street dog while she was two months old. She was a "food" dog while a man raises her. He feeds her everything to made her bigger and let her have five warms in her intestinal while we took her home. And the man will eat her at 2015 winter while she is big enough.....But now she is working with us, protect us and welcome to our clients every day. Finally, she has a second life. A street dog in Hong Kong is very common. While the dog is too old, too big, every reason that you can't imagine. And not only "mix" dog will be the street dog. Many "pure breed" dog will become a street dog too. Don't buy the dog, don't bleed the dog. Please adoption.

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