Cooking philosophy is the same with design

I'm not like cook since I was a child. When three years ago, I try to cook ti make my family and staff healthier, every step when I learned from the TV show or cookbook. It just likes the design process. First of all, you need to know what you want to cook. Secondly, you need to prepare the proper ingredients/material for it. If you make the wrong mixing or cut the bad thing, you need to waste your time to buy and cook it again. So many wastage I will create. So every single step we need to make is precise. Be careful don't make it wrong. After that, make a beautiful decoration then it will be done. Seem like not much to do, but you don't know inside have many steps to follow. So next time,

Pattern Floor Tiles

Greenergy floor tile is excellent for the residential and commercial project. Even the first step to burning the tiles, the factory won't make toxic smoke to harm the earth. Also, the pattern is magnificent for mix and match. But Hong Kong people not really like many patterns at home, although I know because of the house is too small. But still, can use for bedroom and bathroom. And this tile can cover the real wood wasting but have the actual wood texture and shadow. So why don't use tile instead of wooden? Hong Kong weather not fit for using wooden finishes, one or two years will make the floor damage because of the weather moisture. Even you buy the wooden finishes made by many steps to m

Momose co limited

這是一間日本居酒屋,概念是人們在賞櫻時在樹下暢飲,點點櫻花隨風落下,空中的的櫻花化作蝴蝶飛到了香港,在蘭桂坊中落下,飄進清酒屋中。 配合日式和風風格,大量採用啡米色色調和柔和燈光,加上深木色傢俬,予人一種身在日本櫻花樹下的感覺。開放式廚房及長吧檯,使客人可近距離欣賞廚師的手藝。在店內一幅牆身,貼上了居酒屋中可品嚐的清酒招紙,供客人欣賞之餘更可在招紙下簽名留念,記念自己曾在居酒屋中所品嚐的清酒。 戶外採用了大量原木和原竹圍欄,配合日式園林景緻,影襯出櫻花樹下暢飲的氣氛。 That is a Japanese Izakaya; the concept is when people happy drink under the sakura tree, little Sakura fall into the air become a butterfly flew to Hong Kong, Lang Kwai Fong, drifting into the Izakaya. With Japanese style, the main color is brown, milky color and soft light, plus dark wood furniture, just like the people are drinking under the sakura tree in Japan. Open kitchen and a long bar for the customers enjoy the chef's craft. At the focal elevation,

Affliction cloth Project

This clothing company is mainly for workers; Loft style is very suitable.The concept of the construction worker, which to show the rough and hardworking, so we further strengthen the Loft style atmosphere.The use of red brick is because it is one of the roughest materials, coupled with rivets and I shape iron to highlight the texture of the Loft style. Rusty surface and motorcycles decorated in exchange for wild feeling, highlighting the theme of the shop. Wiping out of the clothes, you can reproduce the scene of the work of men. Set signs in the ceiling, indicating the ownership of the site and all the equipment. 這間服裝公司主要出的是給工人用的衣服, 工業風是非常適合的。 概念來自工地工作的男仕,希望展示出男性的粗獷及辛勤,所以我們再加強了工業風的氣氛。 使用紅磚是

Indonesia vintage furniture

Indonesia has so many nice and cheap vintage furniture which can design your home nicer. They have two different furniture; one is bought from some old family house when they pass away. One copies the vintage style and design to make some new furniture. Which the price is not high, (for sure not included ship delivery) around the US$ 250-2000 you can own a very nice vintage furniture at your home. 印度尼西亞有這麼多漂亮和便宜的老式家具,可以令您的家庭更好。 他們有兩種不同的家具; 一些是從一些老家庭房子那裡買來的。 一些是複制的複古風格和設計變成新的家具。 哪個價格不高,(一定不包括送貨)在250-2000美元左右,你可以在家裡擁有一個非常好的老式家具。

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