Model Agency Office

Cozy and Loft style 900sq.ft. The Very Fast project, only use two weeks for design, the half month for construction, the clients love this design very much; that's why we don't need to revise it much time: 1500sq.ft. Model agency company office, Loft style, 4200mm height high ceiling at Hong Kong. Have 340sq.Ft semi-open balcony for staff or clients to use for brainstorm and BBQ place. This exciting project part is a supplier let me know that they provide the ship wood deck material to be floor tile or furniture finishes. Yes, that is a ship wood floor. Many ships are too old, or war use only, but inside have many materials can re-use, wood floor, iron, fabric, just depends on we use it or n

Young couple little black & white style

We like to share our idea concept for every client. This one is for a very young couple at Hong Kong, which they have their first house at Hong Kong. Location at discovery bay, surrounded by a wonderful natural scene. They like black and white style. And the male client wants a very warm and safe home. So the design concept is: Be steady as a rock - for many years in the wind and rain invasion of the sturdy stones left with a spirit of perseverance unyielding. The woods surround the week to bring a natural breath. No matter how the wind and rain outside, it is still the same year to stay in it, as a stable home. To gray as the main color of the rock, with a little light green with the home

Tiny Hotel reference

Now a day, Hong Kong still have so many small hotel projects. We are working on a Hotel at Central. We would like to share our design concept for you. The design concept is Cohesion. It is a new developer company, and we would like to give them a blessing. A new hotel can make more social cohesion. Gather the people, gather the network, gather the discussion. Come and go customers can group the community power right now. Like a black hole and white hole, group the people stay here and distribute the information out. So, we would like to use black and white for the main color. But how to work out a small room but with everything. We are still working on it. But you can see our reference image

Mix with green color

The green color actually is very suitable for elegant and classic style, also, can make the place different with the other luxury mood. High-end restaurant and hotel bar can mix with this color tone. 綠色實際上非常適合優雅和經典的風格,也可以使其與奢華的心情不同。 高級餐廳和酒店酒吧可以搭配這種色調。

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