Pass project: City Super's Office

The office can be eco-friendly too. In addition to using the recycle 100% materials. We can add so many plants at the office. The plants are not just for decoration. We can plant the organic food at the office so that every staff can eat the fresh vegetable every day. And educate the people how to plant, and cherish the food. This project concept is plant society, in the forest, every plant has different length and different location. The Bigger tree usually at the middle part. The shortest one is located at the periphery. On the other hand. some of the plants need to live by the other plant like vines. So we use the plants to separate the different zone of the office. At the meeting area

Cafe, restaurant, F&B materials selection

Cafe, restaurant, F&B. This kind of style is always talking about the stylish interior design. Surely you need to match with your food. Now-a-day, so many the same material can create different moods. Even use the ceramic tiles or wooden flooring. A different variation of each tile is entirely different with a dull cement flooring. On the other hand, some many loft style at this year. What about you use different color and mix with simply tile become your cafe design? What is your logo? Restaurant name? Could we develop it to be the interior design? Sure we can. Or what kind of food you provide? Fast food? Coffee and cake? Luxury brunch? Please remember three elements you need to mix with: Y

Mei Po House at Hong Kong

Private car park semi-outdoor dining area. Floor use R13 floor tiles for the car park. This house is for a couple who study and work in England for over 20 years; now they move back to Hong Kong for the new adventure. Warm and decorative is very suitable for them. Cold and fancy stone finishes are not appropriate for them because it will make the place too cold. Flooring uses different materials. They are the old ship wood re-polish to be a wooden tile. They are the new eco-friendly materials. Have different color choices and different color tone to mix and match.Cement floor mix with mosaic tile makes the washroom chicer. The owner has many old types of furniture from England which is very

Dubai Residential

Finally, finish the project of Dubai. Theirs one to clients looking for classic style. And he keeps all the grand family furniture and decoration. We combine the design concept of Contradiction. Hard seems like soft. Soft touch like hard to mix the materials. And the classic style not just talking about molding and skirting and frame design. Also, the floor pattern is significant too. A fine wall detail with very rough furniture selection is the focal point of the Ground floor. Outdoor has a huge garden which can let them enjoy the nature view and relaxing evening. The upper level is bedroom location. Each room represents a different mood for everyone. Later the owner will change it to be an

Kid's education center

We find out that at Hong Kong. If you make the education center. First of all, you can find a licensed consultant, but, in this case, don't just use the cheapest one. They can let you waste more and more money for the construction fee, and they don't care. And the other way, you can find a building which already has that kind of education center, so this building is suitable for you to submit the license application. The better way is to find a trustable design firm or constructor to follow you to find the best place for you. Not the licensing consultant go with you. Only cheap cost can't make your site attractive enough for your customers. Also, it will cost more after the construction work

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