A hotel cafe in Hong Kong

A hotel cafe in Hong Kong. Design concept comes from the public park. A public park seems like no design at all, but if you are sitting there and have a look at different people, you can see even a same chair, a different person will use a different way to use it. Surely the public park has many plants and lets the people enjoy the nature. But the core is the park interactive with citizens. So the layout seating is not the same to let different people use. The public park is made by green, wood and concrete. So the central design element is the same ideas. The design is mixed with rough wooden finishes, have the blue color high light because of the hotel logo color. The rough wooden finishes

Ms Chan's family residential

We have a perfect time with Ms. Chan's family, Never meet a client like as a friend. They have a residential at Tung Chung Crescent. Three bedrooms and have a very nice sea view screen. Our design concept for them is: The seaside hut, the blue sea view, such as watercolor, the waves coupled with the light shines, sparkling. It means that the waves are bright and clean, like the heart of the people, the color selection of ocean blue, sky blue. Ridge will choose some rough surface easy to take care. Unfortunately, that is too troublesome for them to move out and renovate the house again, so they give up the construction. But that is a very nice meeting with them. 我們和陳女士的家人有完美的時間,不要像朋友那樣遇見客戶。 他

Mr Wong's residential

Mr. Wong's residential base on Kowloon Tong. They have a little Feng shui issue need to deal with. Also, they want to have a maid room and a bigger kitchen. The concept is base on a Chinese sentence which means: Even the outside are a danger and crazy; you felt safe when you come home. We use a wonderful oil painting color scheme to match with this idea. We didn't change all the room location. Because if demolish all the wall that was a waste. We just extend the wall length to make the bathroom and the kitchen bigger. At the living area, the existing TV wall corner doesn't have the window, so that is a perfect place to put the maid room. And the maid room fit for two maids. Maybe the client

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