Way Gin Garden, Tsing Yi Hong Kong

The design concept came from puzzle mix with new and old. This family has a great mind that they re-use many existing furniture. Base on the new concept, we renovated their furniture into the new one. So felt like a puzzle, piece by piece stick together to become one. The kids love to dance and drawing very much so that we mix with the pastel color to make the place more childhood. The hanging cabinet is a whiteboard which can let the kid can draw anytime. A challenging part is a tiny bathroom need to put the shower area and the bathtub. Luckily we found a small one can fit this idea. An extra need is for the cat have his own bed and walkway. 設計理念來自於新舊的拼圖組合。 這個家庭有一個偉大的心態,他們重新使用許多現有的家具。 基於新概念

New trend of interior design

While I find the reference image for a small hotel mood board. I found some new trend mood design. No more Loft style, Simple come again, but with more color. If in Minimalism, less is more. Usually, use white color for all. The Minimalism, yes it good, but it seems too cold. Not really suitable for residential or hotel project. But this one, we can mix with so many different colors to match with our design concept. And can light up the house by just design for the focal wall. Good to try and easy to use. The other part of this trend: It uses the color is just pastel color, not the too bright to scare people. Soft and eye-catching enough to attract people. And I know this kind of mixture and

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