2017 China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair Award

This weekend, we are so excited to go to Beijing, receive our great honor 2017 China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair Award. It is the first Award that we have. It is an excellent start for us to have more competition in the future. This year topic is environment protection. In the Architecture field, they concern how to find the continues materials to use. They found out bamboo is a perfectly natural material. They grow fast, and it can absorb CO2 that the human-made. On the other hand, low wastage is the different big topic too. As we know, nowadays is a too easy purchase age. Even in the interior design field. Also easy to make a change in the interior, then crea

New technology of lighting

Now-a-day the lighting system have already upgraded to be mix with the materials to use. Like this one: Very thin LED light pad mix with the specially made carpet or vinyl flooring. Can show the lighting on the floor but not the projector. Even a car drive over, still can't destroy the LED pad. Very suitable for commercial and hotel project. The lighting can change the text anytime. If you want to welcome the VIP. You can change the name on the floor lighting to make a warm welcome. 現在的照明系統已經升級為配合使用的材料。 像這樣:非常薄的LED燈墊與特製的地毯或膠地板混合。 可以在地板上顯示照明,而不需要用投影機。 即使是一輛車駛過來,依然不能摧毀LED墊。 非常適合商業和酒店項目。 照明可以隨時改變文字。 如果你想歡迎貴賓。 您可以更改地板照明的名稱,以獲得熱烈的歡迎。

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