To be humane business 做人性化的生意

In Hong Kong, it is hard to buy a house. Why do you say that no one can resist the development of micro-building developers, this morning to see South China Morning Post. In English: Micro flat is not enough to describe the small size of the new flat. We've evolved to live in the Nano flat! I never knew that Hong Kong human being was physically atomic. In today's market, no one can stop foreigners from buying flats in Hong Kong, However, we hereby declare that we will not do any business if we want to help the owners do business in a mortuary, whether for residential or commercial buildings. To help the owners decorate a flawed and rotten unit and let him lend it out, we will not do it. We a

About the interior design process...

I often told my clients that Interior design is an art and problem solver. First of all, we need to know what kind of mood or brand image they want. Secondly, we need to find the suitable design concept and the reference image for them. At the third part, we can start the design stage. But in my company goal, we need to add one more idea to the design. That is eco-friendly idea or materials to choose. Sometimes for us is quite hard to let the client know, which is something you can repair it instead of throw it away. In residential clients base, we just can discuss as much as we can to let the clients know don't make garbage. Use the second-hand material. We still can create a great design

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Eco-friendly and Sustainable interior design

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