Free Pricing Plan "自由定價"計劃

We have an exciting plan from the beginning of the new year of the dog, and to be able to help more people, we have a "free pricing plan." The plan is that we will understand your needs and start setting up your own style plan. If you are satisfied, you will pay the deposit first, and then we will make a complete set of design and construction drawings. You will pay the balance. We will provide the contractor's quotation and material quotation. If you are not in Hong Kong, You will then look for a local contractor, and we will use what's app or SKYPE to communicate with them on how to solve the construction problem, which is only applicable to SMEs' offices, restaurants, retail or NGO-relate

Kong Hei Fa Choi!!! Happy New year of Dog!

We will have a holiday from 14th Feb to 22nd Feb 2018. Hope everyone richer and healthier than before, Remember to keep warm for the wired wealth. The dog is our friends. Hope everyone can care more about your Neighbourhood, animals right, elder right. And wish you all have a wonderful time with your family! 恭喜發財!! 迎接新的一個狗年! 本公司由2月14-22日放假. 預早祝各位今年比以前更健康富足. 記得要留意保暖. 狗是大家的朋友. 今年希望大 家都會更加留意鄰里和諧, 動物權益, 老人權益. 再一次恭祝各位和你們的家人有個美好愉快時光! From 2plus4 interior design Ltd

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