Office design 辦公室設計

Now let's talk about office design. There are a lot of SMEs who are looking for a right place. The area for the right has already used a lot of money to pay the rent. I will recommend some second-hand nets, and even Facebook have second-hand goods. page, You Will find a lot of printers, benches, folders, telephones, etc. for you to enjoy. For companies with an only few budgets, we would suggest that some office-sharing companies can only rent the workstation, only need HKD 2-3000 per month to rent a workstation, and there are secretaries who can help you to answer the phone. Also, meet some new people and leads. If you can rent an independent unit, you can buy second-hand benches in Yau Ma

F&B design 餐飲設計

Restaurant design in Hong Kong, with the office and shop design time is almost the same very rush. About two weeks to a month, interior design minute and construction time almost synchronization. If you have a labeling consultant and kitchen appliances consultants, is divided at the same time the size of the kitchen, with what appliances, to the water location and air-conditioning distribution. Consider these consultants and design costs, only renovation costs are calculated about HKD 500,000. Of course, have budgets, the design can be beautiful. Your schedule will be more extended, you can use foreign designers furniture and materials. However, if the SME is using the cheapest method, th

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