Indonesia vintage furniture

Indonesia has so many nice and cheap vintage furniture which can design your home nicer. They have two different furniture; one is bought from some old family house when they pass away. One copies the vintage style and design to make some new furniture. Which the price is not high, (for sure not included ship delivery) around the US$ 250-2000 you can own a very nice vintage furniture at your home.

印度尼西亞有這麼多漂亮和便宜的老式家具,可以令您的家庭更好。 他們有兩種不同的家具; 一些是從一些老家庭房子那裡買來的。 一些是複制的複古風格和設計變成新的家具。 哪個價格不高,(一定不包括送貨)在250-2000美元左右,你可以在家裡擁有一個非常好的老式家具。