Pattern Floor Tiles

Greenergy floor tile is excellent for the residential and commercial project. Even the first step to burning the tiles, the factory won't make toxic smoke to harm the earth. Also, the pattern is magnificent for mix and match. But Hong Kong people not really like many patterns at home, although I know because of the house is too small. But still, can use for bedroom and bathroom. And this tile can cover the real wood wasting but have the actual wood texture and shadow. So why don't use tile instead of wooden? Hong Kong weather not fit for using wooden finishes, one or two years will make the floor damage because of the weather moisture. Even you buy the wooden finishes made by many steps to make the wood harder, and the process will create more toxic to damage our air and water. So, now a day to select the right stuff is not easy to find, not judge by the price, but by using the time to search for the factory background and process to choice the right one.

綠色地磚是住宅和商業項目的理想選擇。 即使是燃燒瓷磚的第一步,工廠也不會產生有毒的煙霧來傷害地球。 此外,也是非常容易配搭。 但香港人真的不喜歡在家裡的很多樣式,雖然我知道是因為房子太小了。 但還是可以用於臥室和浴室。 而這塊瓷磚可以掩蓋真正的木材浪費,但具有實際的木質紋理和陰影。 那麼為什麼不用瓷磚代替木板? 香港天氣其實不太適合使用木紋地板,一兩年會因天氣潮濕而造成地板損壞。 即使你購買了由多個步驟製成的木紋地板,使木材變得更硬和防水,但其實這個過程已經產生了很多的毒性,以損害我們的空氣和水。 所以,現在選擇正確的東西是不容易找到的,不是按價格和品牌來判斷,而是通過用時間來搜索工廠的背景和流程來選擇正確的一個。