Cooking philosophy is the same with design

I'm not like cook since I was a child. When three years ago, I try to cook ti make my family and staff healthier, every step when I learned from the TV show or cookbook. It just likes the design process. First of all, you need to know what you want to cook. Secondly, you need to prepare the proper ingredients/material for it. If you make the wrong mixing or cut the bad thing, you need to waste your time to buy and cook it again. So many wastage I will create. So every single step we need to make is precise. Be careful don't make it wrong. After that, make a beautiful decoration then it will be done. Seem like not much to do, but you don't know inside have many steps to follow. So next time, please enjoy and appreciate every meal at home or the restaurant; they put a lot of patience to make it for you.

自從我小時候起,我就不喜歡烹食了。但 當三年前,我嘗試做飯,使我的家人和員工更健康,當我從電視節目或食譜中學到每一個步驟。 它就如一個設計的過程。 首先,你需要知道你想京烹什麼。 其次,您需要準備適當的成分/材料。 如果你做錯了混合或切壞了東西,你需要浪費你的時間再買再造一次。 這麼多浪費。 所以我們需要做的每一步都是準確的。 小心不要錯了。 之後,做一個美麗的裝飾就完成了。似乎沒有太多的事情要做,但是你不知道裡面有很多步驟要遵循。 所以下次,在家里或餐廳請享用和欣賞他們為你每一餐付出了最大的耐心。

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