Modern India Rug

Rug, most of the time of the residential and hotel project, that is the primary material which we need to search for the clients. Rug made by so many different countries. But most of the beautiful and texture you can find are in India. Now-a-day carpet likes to make some shadow or pastel texture mapping. Add a little bit if silver line. Totally show the luxury mood in your living room or dining room. But all the rug is made by handmade. So the time will cost around 3-4months. The delivery time to Hong Kong will be one month. So when you will to decorate your home with a luxury rug, will have the patience to wait for it.

地毯,大部分時間會用在住宅和酒店項目,這是我們需要搜索客戶的主要材料。 地毯由許多不同國家製造。 但是,大多數最美麗的質感其實可以在印度找到。 現在的地毯喜歡做一些陰影或柔和的紋理如粉筆圖一般。 加一些銀線在內。 可以令您的起居室或飯廳內完全呈現出奢華的氣氛。 但是由於這些的地毯都是用手工製作的。 所以時間將花費約3-4個月。 到香港的交貨時間將是一個月。 所以當你用豪華的地毯裝飾你的家時,請預備耐心等待。

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