Grey tone mood board

Grey, black and white style usually is my favorite mood in interior design. It totally creates a dynamic and stable character for the owner. No need more decoration, and fancy detail. Only add some color furniture is fit for the mood. On the other hand, gray tone can match with wood finishes. The mood will change to more nature. If you add some plant inside, totally can light up your house. Don't just use white color for your house, make some new character and personality inside your house.

灰色,和黑白色的風格通常是我最喜歡的室內設計氣氛。 它完全為擁有者創建了一個沉實和穩健的性格。 不需要太多的裝飾,花哨的細節。 只需要添加一些彩色家具來配合氣氛就可以了。 另一方面,灰色調可以與木材飾面相匹配。 氣氛會變得更加自然。 如果你在裡面添加一些植物,完全可以令你的房子更明亮。 不要只為你的房子使用白色,你可以為你的家創造一些新的品格和個性。

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