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One of my new renovation project at Hong Kong, It a small government residential which for a young lady and her family, very very tiny but very challenging. The design concept is: Pink rust ball flower language - Pink rust ball originated in the Mediterranean, has always been in the winter blooming evergreen trees and famous in the world. In the winter, at first sight of the pink buds and white flowers, it seems to tell people the pace of spring near.So hydrangea flower language is "hope". By the blessing of this full of people born, very endurance and tolerance. He will bring many people hope that their life is also very rich.Rust ball flowers mostly pink, in line with the style of the hostess.

一個新的項目係香港,是一個非常小的公屋給一個年青少女及她的家人。公屋雖少但非常有挑戰性。設計概念是:粉紅色鏽球花花語-希望 粉紅色鏽球花原產在地中海,一向以在嚴冬開花的常綠樹而聞名於世。寒冬時,乍見粉紅色的花蕾和白色的花朵,似乎在告訴人們春天的腳步近了。 因此繡球花的花語就是“希望“。受到這滿花祝福而生的人,極富忍耐力和包容力。他會帶給許多人希望,自己的人生也非常的豐富。 鏽球花多以粉色為主,切合女主人的風格。

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