Respect Design, Respect us.

At another country, design fee is separate with construction cost. That is a normal way to go. But at Hong Kong, our business field folks just kill your business very gently. Why? So many constructors provide a free design fee for the client but create a shit for them. So many lovely designs, a beautiful image can create at Hong Kong project. But base on a ridiculous budget or construction cost just can create a white wall and wooden finishes. How poor are we? We wear a high-end fashion, just cost you HKD 150000 for a season. We bought so many useless electrical items which you won't use it for once. But you want to cut the budget of the design fee, and un-respect our designer in this field. Please, show respect for us. We use our brain to build up a better place for you for over next 10 or 20 years long. And we-2plus4 need to lower your wastage, don't keep throwing your furniture away. Try to make the furniture to be another function. Or reuse it for your new house or office. That is hard. So, Please respect us.


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