Tiny Hotel reference

Now a day, Hong Kong still have so many small hotel projects. We are working on a Hotel at Central. We would like to share our design concept for you. The design concept is Cohesion. It is a new developer company, and we would like to give them a blessing. A new hotel can make more social cohesion. Gather the people, gather the network, gather the discussion. Come and go customers can group the community power right now. Like a black hole and white hole, group the people stay here and distribute the information out. So, we would like to use black and white for the main color. But how to work out a small room but with everything. We are still working on it. But you can see our reference image to imagine the out-coming incredible guest room design.

到現在,香港還有這麼多的小型酒店項目。 我們正在為一間位於中環的酒店合作。 我們希望為您分享我們的設計理念。 設計理念是為凝聚。 這是一家新的發展商,我們想給他們一個祝福。 一個新的酒店可以增加更多的社會凝聚力。 收集群眾,聚集網絡,收集討論。 來訪客戶現在可以分享社區力量。 像黑洞和白洞一樣,將群眾吸引留在這一個點,然後再分發信息出去。 所以,我們要用黑色和白色作為主色。 但是如何設計出一個小房間,但擁有一切。 我們還在努力中。 但是,您可以看到我們的參考圖像來想像出來的令人難以置信的客房設計。

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