Young couple little black & white style

We like to share our idea concept for every client. This one is for a very young couple at Hong Kong, which they have their first house at Hong Kong. Location at discovery bay, surrounded by a wonderful natural scene. They like black and white style. And the male client wants a very warm and safe home. So the design concept is:

Be steady as a rock - for many years in the wind and rain invasion of the sturdy stones left with a spirit of perseverance unyielding. The woods surround the week to bring a natural breath. No matter how the wind and rain outside, it is still the same year to stay in it, as a stable home. To gray as the main color of the rock, with a little light green with the home to create a warm and stable atmosphere.

我們喜歡為每個客戶分享我們的設計概念。 這是一對在香港非常年輕的伴侶,他們在香港擁有他們的第一個房子。 位於愉景灣,周圍環繞著非常美麗的自然景觀。 他們喜歡黑白風格。 男性客戶想要一個非常溫暖和安全的家。 所以設計理念是:



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