Model Agency Office

Cozy and Loft style 900sq.ft. The Very Fast project, only use two weeks for design, the half month for construction, the clients love this design very much; that's why we don't need to revise it much time: 1500sq.ft. Model agency company office, Loft style, 4200mm height high ceiling at Hong Kong. Have 340sq.Ft semi-open balcony for staff or clients to use for brainstorm and BBQ place. This exciting project part is a supplier let me know that they provide the ship wood deck material to be floor tile or furniture finishes. Yes, that is a ship wood floor. Many ships are too old, or war use only, but inside have many materials can re-use, wood floor, iron, fabric, just depends on we use it or not. We use these wood decks modify to the coffee table top, the sofa back, reception finishes and also part of the wall and door finishes. Every material should have a second life, let them have the chance.

舒適和閣樓風格900sq.ft。 非常快的項目,只用了兩個星期的設計,半個月的建設,客戶非常喜歡這個設計; 這就是為什麼我們不需要修改很多時間:1500sq.ft。 示范代理公司辦公室,閣樓式,香港高度4200mm高。 擁有340平方米的半開放陽台,供工作人員或客戶用於頭腦風暴和燒烤場所。 這個令人興奮的項目部分是供應商讓我知道,他們提供船木木材材料是地板磚或家具飾面。 是的,那是船木地板。 許多船隻太老了,還是戰爭只能使用,但內部有很多材料可以重複使用,木地板,鐵,布,只是取決於我們是否使用。 我們使用這些木甲板修改咖啡桌頂,沙發背部,接待處完成,還有部分牆壁和門面。 每件材料應該有第二次的生活,讓他們有機會。

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