Dubai Residential

Finally, finish the project of Dubai. Theirs one to clients looking for classic style. And he keeps all the grand family furniture and decoration. We combine the design concept of Contradiction. Hard seems like soft. Soft touch like hard to mix the materials. And the classic style not just talking about molding and skirting and frame design. Also, the floor pattern is significant too. A fine wall detail with very rough furniture selection is the focal point of the Ground floor. Outdoor has a huge garden which can let them enjoy the nature view and relaxing evening. The upper level is bedroom location. Each room represents a different mood for everyone. Later the owner will change it to be an Airbnb house. So can let every tourist can book a different room for a different time.

最後完成了迪拜的項目。 這個個客戶尋找經典風格。 並且他保留所有的大家庭的家具和裝飾。 我們結合了矛盾的設計理念。 硬似乎很軟 柔軟的觸感來混合材料。 而經典的風格不僅僅在於裙邊和框架設計。 此外,地板圖案也是重要的。 一個非常粗糙的家具選擇, 以及精細的牆壁細節是底層的焦點。 戶外有一個巨大的花園,可以讓他們享受自然景觀和放鬆的夜晚。 上層是臥室位置。 每個房間都代表著每個人不同的心情。 後來業主會把它改成一個Airbnb的房子。 所以可以讓每個旅遊者在不同的時間預訂不同的房間。

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