Mei Po House at Hong Kong

Private car park semi-outdoor dining area. Floor use R13 floor tiles for the car park. This house is for a couple who study and work in England for over 20 years; now they move back to Hong Kong for the new adventure. Warm and decorative is very suitable for them. Cold and fancy stone finishes are not appropriate for them because it will make the place too cold. Flooring uses different materials. They are the old ship wood re-polish to be a wooden tile. They are the new eco-friendly materials. Have different color choices and different color tone to mix and match.Cement floor mix with mosaic tile makes the washroom chicer. The owner has many old types of furniture from England which is very suitable for this design. The whole floor is the master bedroom, walk-in closet and master bathroom. The owner has many different culture art pieces and decoration which they like to put it in their room. The lighter color wooden finishes are more suitable. They love Africa culture, close to the natural and very relaxed mood that we want to provide to them. The bathroom uses the rough stone finishes which felt like a bath at the forest. The kitchen is the most important area for this family. They like to invite friends and relatives gathering at their house, and the hostess enjoys cook very much. This kitchen is semi-open and extends to a breakfast bar table. It can let them have more time to spend together.


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