Cafe, restaurant, F&B materials selection

Cafe, restaurant, F&B. This kind of style is always talking about the stylish interior design. Surely you need to match with your food. Now-a-day, so many the same material can create different moods. Even use the ceramic tiles or wooden flooring. A different variation of each tile is entirely different with a dull cement flooring. On the other hand, some many loft style at this year. What about you use different color and mix with simply tile become your cafe design? What is your logo? Restaurant name? Could we develop it to be the interior design? Sure we can. Or what kind of food you provide? Fast food? Coffee and cake? Luxury brunch? Please remember three elements you need to mix with: Your brand or logo image + what kind of food + what client you want to approach. Then you can make a right interior design for your cafe.

咖啡廳,餐廳,餐飲。 這種風格總是在談論時尚的室內設計。 當然,你需要與你的食物相匹配。 現在這麼多同樣的材料可以創造不同的心情。 甚至使用瓷磚或木地板。 每個瓦片的不同變化與暗沉的水泥地板完全不同。 另一方面,今年有很多工業風格。 如何使用不同的顏色和簡單的磚混合成為您的咖啡館設計? 你的標誌是什麼? 餐廳名稱? 我們可以把它開發成為室內設計嗎? 我們當然可以。 或者你提供什麼樣的食物? 快餐? 咖啡和蛋糕? 豪華早午餐? 請記住您需要混合的三個要素:您的品牌或標誌圖像+什麼樣的食物+您想要接觸的客戶。 然後,您可以為您的咖啡廳做出正確的室內設計。

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