Pass project: City Super's Office

The office can be eco-friendly too. In addition to using the recycle 100% materials. We can add so many plants at the office. The plants are not just for decoration. We can plant the organic food at the office so that every staff can eat the fresh vegetable every day. And educate the people how to plant, and cherish the food. This project concept is plant society, in the forest, every plant has different length and different location. The Bigger tree usually at the middle part. The shortest one is located at the periphery. On the other hand. some of the plants need to live by the other plant like vines. So we use the plants to separate the different zone of the office. At the meeting area and pantry, we will a plant wall to separate the place. At the open space of the staff area, we will plant some on the top of the false ceiling. But sadly, the office didn't make this design at the end, because of the cost issue. But this one is very user-friendly and make the staff more reaction with the company.


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