Mr Wong's residential

Mr. Wong's residential base on Kowloon Tong. They have a little Feng shui issue need to deal with. Also, they want to have a maid room and a bigger kitchen. The concept is base on a Chinese sentence which means: Even the outside are a danger and crazy; you felt safe when you come home. We use a wonderful oil painting color scheme to match with this idea. We didn't change all the room location. Because if demolish all the wall that was a waste. We just extend the wall length to make the bathroom and the kitchen bigger. At the living area, the existing TV wall corner doesn't have the window, so that is a perfect place to put the maid room. And the maid room fit for two maids. Maybe the client plan to have another baby at the further. The kitchen will make a semi-open when the wife is cooking inside, she still can see what happen in the living room. We provide a very folding table for them because it can save space. And we plan more cabinet for the storage. The master bathroom request to have a bathtub for the baby play. We didn't change the whole size of two bathrooms. But change the wall to zig zag shape to fit this requirement.

黃先生在九龍塘的住宅。 他們有一點點風水問題需要處理。 此外,他們想要多一個女傭房間和一個更大的廚房。 這個概念是基於一句中文句子:即使是外界也是一種危險和瘋狂; 春風和煦,波瀾不驚。意指家庭和暖和諧,有風波也無損家中氣氛。 我們使用一幅美妙的油畫配色來配合這個方案。 我們沒有改變所有的房間位置。 因為拆除所有的牆是浪費的。 我們只是延長牆壁長度,使浴室和廚房更大。 在客廳位置,現有的電視牆角落是沒有窗戶的,所以這是放置女傭房的完美位置。 女傭的房間適合兩位女傭居住。 也許客戶計劃有另外一個嬰兒。 廚房會做半開,妻子在裡面做飯時,她還可以看到客廳裡發生了什麼。 我們為他們提供了一個非常折疊的桌子,因為它可以節省空間。 我們計劃更多的儲存櫃。主浴室要求為嬰兒加一個用來玩的浴缸。 我們沒有改變兩個浴室的整體大小。 但是將牆改為曲折形狀以適應這一要求。

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