Ms Chan's family residential

We have a perfect time with Ms. Chan's family, Never meet a client like as a friend. They have a residential at Tung Chung Crescent. Three bedrooms and have a very nice sea view screen. Our design concept for them is: The seaside hut, the blue sea view, such as watercolor, the waves coupled with the light shines, sparkling. It means that the waves are bright and clean, like the heart of the people, the color selection of ocean blue, sky blue. Ridge will choose some rough surface easy to take care. Unfortunately, that is too troublesome for them to move out and renovate the house again, so they give up the construction. But that is a very nice meeting with them.

我們和陳女士的家人有完美的時間,不要像朋友那樣遇見客戶。 他們在東涌新月有一個住宅。 三間臥室和一個非常漂亮的海景屏幕。 我們的設計理念是:海邊小屋, 蔚藍海景, 如水彩畫一樣, 海浪再加上光線映照, 波光粼粼. 意指波光明淨, 如人的心一樣. 顏色選取粉藍, 天藍色. 紋條會選取一些粗糙面易於打理。不幸的是,要他們找地方再搬家和整堙雜物去迷你倉實在太麻煩了,所以他們放棄了施工。 但是,這是一個很好的會議。

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