A hotel cafe in Hong Kong

A hotel cafe in Hong Kong. Design concept comes from the public park. A public park seems like no design at all, but if you are sitting there and have a look at different people, you can see even a same chair, a different person will use a different way to use it. Surely the public park has many plants and lets the people enjoy the nature. But the core is the park interactive with citizens. So the layout seating is not the same to let different people use. The public park is made by green, wood and concrete. So the central design element is the same ideas. The design is mixed with rough wooden finishes, have the blue color high light because of the hotel logo color. The rough wooden finishes create the natural mood. Also, these finishes come from the green certificated forest from the UK. We alway talk about while we cut the tree, will affect the weather and the land will dry and become a desert. But in the green certificated forest, the owner will plant again after cutting the tree. Many suppliers in the UK are trying to use their hand to make a better place. That's why we always respect all the raw material supplier.

香港酒店咖啡廳。設計理念來自公園。一個公園似乎根本沒有設計可言,但是如果你坐在那裡看看不同的人,你可以看到一個同樣的椅子,不同的人會用不同的方式來使用它。公園當然有很多植物,讓人們享受自然。但核心是公園與公民互動。所以平面佈局座位是不一樣的,讓不同的人使用。公園由綠色,木材和混凝土製成。所以主要設計元素是一樣的想法。設計與粗糙的木製裝飾混合,另外用了酒店標誌顏色,藍色用來做點綴。粗糙的木製面料營造出自然的氛圍。此外,這些木來自英國的綠色認證森林。我們來談談, 當我們砍樹,其實會影響天氣,土地會變乾,什至會變成沙漠。但在綠色認證的森林裡,砍伐樹木後,業主會再次種植。英國有許多供應商正試圖自己著手來做一個更好的地方。這就是為什麼我們一直尊重所有的原料供應商。