New trend of interior design

While I find the reference image for a small hotel mood board. I found some new trend mood design. No more Loft style, Simple come again, but with more color. If in Minimalism, less is more. Usually, use white color for all. The Minimalism, yes it good, but it seems too cold. Not really suitable for residential or hotel project. But this one, we can mix with so many different colors to match with our design concept. And can light up the house by just design for the focal wall. Good to try and easy to use. The other part of this trend: It uses the color is just pastel color, not the too bright to scare people. Soft and eye-catching enough to attract people. And I know this kind of mixture and bring out a reasonable cost of the construction too. Unlike Loft style, you bought an old wooden style tile are already killing you.

在我找小酒店的參考圖像。 我發現了一些新趨勢室內設計。 沒有更多的閣樓風格,簡單設計重來,但更多的顏色。 如果在極簡主義中,越少為之越好。 通常,都使用白色。 極簡主義,是好的,但是看起來太冷了。 不適合住宅或酒店項目。 但這一個,我們可以混合這麼多不同的顏色來配合我們的設計理念。 並且可以通過設計焦距來照亮房子。 很好的嘗試,而且使用方便。 這個趨勢的另一部分:它使用的顏色只是柔和的色彩,不是太亮以至於嚇倒人。 柔軟而引人注目的吸引人們。 而且我知道這種混合物也是合理的施工成本。 不像閣樓風格,你買了一個舊的木製瓦已經要殺了你了。

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