Movie interior design - Blade runner

October 9, 2017

Just saw the movie - Blade Runner 2049, very disappointed. Wheth story structure and philosophy of life are not the old set of the film. Do not tell the story plagiarism is very heavy. Even the fashion, architecture, interior design, the scene for the future fantasy only But joined the well-known robot or AI film bridge in recent years. We have to discuss the interior design.There are many metaphors in the previous details, such as the genetic company's internal metaphor as ancient Egyptian civilization so that the interior design will join a lot of elements such as the pyramid. On the other hands,  the actor's home is beyond the imagination of the year, but the story into the discussion of the actor is not a copy person or reboot? And he is a blade runner, so that each brick is like computer boards, like metaphor lifelike computer machinery. Lighting is also never imagined that automatic sensor lights. Most of the building will use back to the Baroque design style to compare the erosion of the film life. More of people even rich or poor will have a lot of garbage at home, and every indoor environment, you compare today, in fact, every family is similar have many material junks.

剛剛看完銀翼殺手2049電影, 非常失望. 無論是個故事結構和人生哲學討論都不及舊一套電影. 先不說故事抄襲成分非常重. 就連時裝, 建築, 室內設計, 場景對於未來的幻想只不過加入近年有名的機械人或A.I.電影橋段剪接. 我們就著室內設計來討論. 之前的故事有很多隱喻在細節, 如基因公司的室內設計隱喻如同古埃及文明一樣, 所以室內設計方面會加入好多如金字塔的元素在入面. 而男主角的家也是超越當年的想像, 但故事入面有探討究竟男主角是不也是一個強化人呢? 而再加上他是一個銀翼殺手, 令每一個磚都好似電腦板一樣, 比喻人生如電腦機械一樣. 燈光也是當年從未想像到的自動感應燈. 大部分的建築會用返中古世紀的設計風格來對比電影中糜爛的生活. 有錢人家中多的是垃圾. 無錢人家中也是的垃圾, 而且每一個室內環境, 你對比今時今日, 其實每一個家庭都差不多, 多的是無用的物質垃圾.