2017 China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair Award

This weekend, we are so excited to go to Beijing, receive our great honor 2017 China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair Award. It is the first Award that we have. It is an excellent start for us to have more competition in the future. This year topic is environment protection. In the Architecture field, they concern how to find the continues materials to use. They found out bamboo is a perfectly natural material. They grow fast, and it can absorb CO2 that the human-made. On the other hand, low wastage is the different big topic too. As we know, nowadays is a too easy purchase age. Even in the interior design field. Also easy to make a change in the interior, then create too much wastage that the earth can't digest. If, the material we waste it but can reuse it. Then it is an excellent continues materials that we needed. But in our mind, mainly need to change is human thought. You just buy what you needed. But not you use buying to show yourselves exists. This age is too lucky for us. No war, no sickness to push us to go away from our hometown. We can choose whatever we want. You can go travel whenever. You can live or work in the other country. We have enough money to pay for our life. How come we don't change our lifestyle? Make the place better? Create a beautiful place together for our kids? Think about it, and do it right. It is our company goal for everyone.

本週末,我們很高興去到北京,榮獲“2017中國國際建築裝飾與設計藝術博覽會”殊榮。這是我們的第一個獎項。未來有更多的競爭, 對我們來說是一個很好的開始。今年的主題也是環保。在建築領域,他們關心如何找到可持續發展的材料。他們發現竹子是一種完全天然的材料。它們快速生長,可以吸收人造的二氧化碳。另一方面,低浪費也是另一個的大問題。我們知道,現在是一個太簡單的購買年代。即使在室內設計領域。在室內也太容易做出改變,造成地球不能消化的太多的浪費。如果,我們浪費的材料,但可以重複使用。那麼這是一個多好的可持續發展材料。 但在我們的腦海中,主要需要改變的是人類的思想。你只可以買你需要的東西。但不是你用購買來顯示你自己的存在。這個年代對我們來說太幸運了。沒有戰爭,沒有疾病推動我們離開家鄉。我們可以選擇任何我們想要或想到的地方。你可以隨時去旅行。你可以在任何一個國家生活或工作。我們有足夠的錢來支付我們的生活。我們怎麼不改變我們的生活方式?讓這個地方更好?為我們的孩子創造一個美麗的地方?考慮一下,做對吧。這是我們公司每個人的目標。