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This year China architecture decoration and design art fair the other topic is talking about design concept. How to make the traditional china style into nowadays modern, the transition is a critical part. Suddenly in love with what Mr. Ho was talking. The classic Chinese form you can find in every old town. If just use the traditional one into the design, that is not suited for nowadays interior design. How to transform it is what designer need to do. But in our experience, convert the classic Chinese to be modern is very very hard. There have too many elements. It is quite hard to pick some. Of course, need to match with the design concept. If someone wants to try it, we appreciate taking this challenge. The other topic: use the design concept form to be the interior design is easy. Use the mood or essence is the hard part. Very less designer will do it. No one wants to try the hard way. Base on the limit of time, tight schedule. Too many ways to stop us from developing more. But is that the excuse? No. Let try the hard way. We give you the reasonable schedule, and we will improve more for you. Mine it, more research, discuss and brainstorm with our teammate is the only way to improve the design better.

今年中國建築裝飾與設計藝術博覽會的另一個話題就是設計理念。如何將傳統的中國風格融入當代現代,過渡是一個關鍵的環節。突然間愛上何武賢先生的說話。中國古典的形式,你可以在每個老城區找到。但如果只用傳統的設計,那就不適合現代的室內設計。如何改變它是設計師需要做的。但是根據我們的經驗,把經典的中國變成現代設計是非常困難的。元素太多了。挑選那一些是很難的。當然,需要與設計理念相匹配。如果有人想嘗試,我們也很歡迎這個挑戰。 另一個話題是:使用設計概念形式來進行室內設計是很容易的。使用風氣或神髓是困難的。非常少的設計師會做到這一點。沒有人想要嘗試一下。根據時間的限制,緊張的時間表。阻止我們發展更多的方法太多了。但這是藉口嗎?不,讓我們努力嘗試。我們給你合理的時間表,我們會為你提高設計的理念。挖掘它,與我們的隊友進行更多的研究,討論和瘋狂思想是改善設計的唯一方法。

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