Let the Christmas to be meaningful

Christmas again, everybody is too busy buying a gift for exchange, or decorating a home or company, but have you ever wondered how much rubbish will be made from gifts or decorations? For one night each year party or a few days of good-looking, how many things dropped? We often ask everyone to reduce waste, less shopping. Or turn a corner? Rather than go to the mall to tag FB. Not as good as homeless, such as food, Clothes or warm things, shared to the sleeper on Christmas Eve, or the nearby nursing home. In particular, the recent weather, whether it is people or animals are so easy to die. The portals of the rich reek of flesh and wine while frozen bodies lie by the roadside. Is the same now-a-day. Put down the phone, take a look at things around, every day a lot of people and things we deserve to see .In fact, intentions to deal with other people is the essence of Christmas.

又到一年一度的聖誕節, 想必大家都忙著要買交換用的禮物, 或是要裝飾家裡或公司. 但你有沒有想過禮物或裝飾品會製造多少垃圾? 每一年, 為了一晚PARTY或幾天的好看, 掉了多少東西? 我們經常性地請大家要減廢, 少購物. 或者現在轉一轉個角度? 不如不要再去商場打卡. 不如家中有多的物資, 如食物, 衣服或者保暖的東西, 在平安夜分享給露宿者, 或附近的老人院. 特別近來天氣反覆, 不論是人或是動物都好容易死亡. 朱門酒肉臭,路有凍屍骨. 到今時今日情況都是一樣. 放下手機, 看看身邊事, 每天都有好多好值得我們去看的人和事. 其實用心地去對付其他人才是聖誕節的精髓.

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