About the interior design process...

January 15, 2018

I often told my clients that Interior design is an art and problem solver. First of all, we need to know what kind of mood or brand image they want. Secondly, we need to find the suitable design concept and the reference image for them. At the third part, we can start the design stage. But in my company goal, we need to add one more idea to the design. That is eco-friendly idea or materials to choose. Sometimes for us is quite hard to let the client know, which is something you can repair it instead of throw it away.
In residential clients base, we just can discuss as much as we can to let the clients know don't make garbage. Use the second-hand material. We still can create a great design for them.
In commercial clients base, we just can ask them to use their office furniture again and repair it. If they do have extra materials, we can help to keep it. Then use it at the other project. 
Inside that process, you never know how many issues we need to solve out. We only tell the client about the result. In some movie line said: Considering time is the resource too, we need to reduce as much as the time we use and do the maximum outcome to fulfill our clients. A transitory schedule always is a huge problem in Hong Kong project. So, on the other hand, the money must be more. 
In my imagination, project exchange is very popular right now. I do like exchange my useless stuff to some useful things. But in design service field, it's quite hard to measure the value. Then, I drop this thought away from now. Maybe in the future, we can do it, but not for now.
Back to the quotation part. We do like to make the quotation for the clients first. After you saw our portfolio, we would like to discuss the money first. Good for you, good for us. If the budget is suitable for both of us, let's discuss the further design. 
After we settle all the design issues, then we can give it to our contractor to make a detail construction quotation for the clients. Some of the clients don't know that the design controls the unit price of the construction fee. How to design the suitable single cabinet or shelves can change every single unit cost. And we don't like to waste the contractor time. Their time is their resource too. So please be fair to everyone. If the construction fee is ok, then we can start the construction part.
This is the step that I would like to share with everyone. And don't think that just a stupid floor plan can finish your project. Or give you some general construction unit cost, you can estimate your total project fee. Slang in Hong Kong: The devil was hidden in the detail. Please be smart, and stop using the cheapest one. You will lose a lot after the whole project.