About the interior design process...

I often told my clients that Interior design is an art and problem solver. First of all, we need to know what kind of mood or brand image they want. Secondly, we need to find the suitable design concept and the reference image for them. At the third part, we can start the design stage. But in my company goal, we need to add one more idea to the design. That is eco-friendly idea or materials to choose. Sometimes for us is quite hard to let the client know, which is something you can repair it instead of throw it away. In residential clients base, we just can discuss as much as we can to let the clients know don't make garbage. Use the second-hand material. We still can create a great design for them. In commercial clients base, we just can ask them to use their office furniture again and repair it. If they do have extra materials, we can help to keep it. Then use it at the other project. Inside that process, you never know how many issues we need to solve out. We only tell the client about the result. In some movie line said: Considering time is the resource too, we need to reduce as much as the time we use and do the maximum outcome to fulfill our clients. A transitory schedule always is a huge problem in Hong Kong project. So, on the other hand, the money must be more. In my imagination, project exchange is very popular right now. I do like exchange my useless stuff to some useful things. But in design service field, it's quite hard to measure the value. Then, I drop this thought away from now. Maybe in the future, we can do it, but not for now. Back to the quotation part. We do like to make the quotation for the clients first. After you saw our portfolio, we would like to discuss the money first. Good for you, good for us. If the budget is suitable for both of us, let's discuss the further design. After we settle all the design issues, then we can give it to our contractor to make a detail construction quotation for the clients. Some of the clients don't know that the design controls the unit price of the construction fee. How to design the suitable single cabinet or shelves can change every single unit cost. And we don't like to waste the contractor time. Their time is their resource too. So please be fair to everyone. If the construction fee is ok, then we can start the construction part. This is the step that I would like to share with everyone. And don't think that just a stupid floor plan can finish your project. Or give you some general construction unit cost, you can estimate your total project fee. Slang in Hong Kong: The devil was hidden in the detail. Please be smart, and stop using the cheapest one. You will lose a lot after the whole project.

我經常告訴我的客戶,室內設計是一個藝術和問題的解決者。首先,我們需要知道他們想要什麼樣的心情或品牌形象。其次,我們需要找到合適的設計理念和參考圖像。第三部分,我們可以開始設計階段。但是在我的公司目標中,我們需要為設計增加一個更多的想法。這是環保的想法或材料選擇。有時對我們來說很難讓客戶知道,這是你可以修復它,而不是把它扔掉。 在住宅客戶群中,我們可以盡可能多地討論,讓客戶知道不要做垃圾。使用二手材料。我們仍然可以為他們創造一個偉大的設計。 在商業客戶基礎上,我們可以要求他們再次使用辦公家具並修理。如果他們有額外的材料,我們可以幫助保留它。然後在另一個項目中使用它。 在這個過程中,你永遠不知道我們需要解決多少問題。我們只告訴客戶有關結果。在一些電影中說:考慮到時間也是資源,我們需要盡可能的減少使用時間,並儘最大的努力來滿足我們的客戶。一個短暫的時間表在香港工程中總是一個很大的問題。所以,另一方面,錢要多一些。 在我的想像中,項目交流現在非常流行。我喜歡把我無用的東西換成一些有用的東西。但在設計服務領域,衡量價值相當困難。然後,我放棄了這個想法。也許在將來,我們可以做到,但現在不行。 回到報價部分。我們喜歡先為客戶做報價。當你看到我們的投資組合之後,我們首先要討論錢。對你有好處,對我們有好處。如果預算適合我們兩個人,讓我們來討論進一步的設計。 在我們解決了所有的設計問題之後,我們可以把它交給我們的承包商,為客戶做一個詳細的施工報價。有些客戶不知道設計是否控制建設費的單價。如何設計合適的單櫃或貨架可以改變每一單位的成本。而且我們不想浪費承包商的時間。他們的時間也是他們的資源。所以,請公平對待每個人。如果建設費用沒問題,那麼我們可以開始建設部分。 這是我想與大家分享的一步。不要以為只是一個愚蠢的平面圖可以完成你的項目。或者給你一些一般建設單位的成本,你可以估計你的總項目費用。香港俚語:魔鬼藏在細節之中。請聰明,停止使用最便宜的。整個項目之後,你將會損失很多。