To be humane business 做人性化的生意

In Hong Kong, it is hard to buy a house. Why do you say that no one can resist the development of micro-building developers, this morning to see South China Morning Post. In English: Micro flat is not enough to describe the small size of the new flat. We've evolved to live in the Nano flat! I never knew that Hong Kong human being was physically atomic. In today's market, no one can stop foreigners from buying flats in Hong Kong, However, we hereby declare that we will not do any business if we want to help the owners do business in a mortuary, whether for residential or commercial buildings. To help the owners decorate a flawed and rotten unit and let him lend it out, we will not do it. We are not going to be a money slave to open the company. To be honest, we would rather starve to death than to do inhumane business! Just found it once again reported that the current units such as two parking spaces as large, described very real! And what is the relationship between this and the interior design? Within this two parking spaces to be in the toilet, kitchen, bedroom but also storage. Challenging, good to say. But think of our living space is not even a car, it is better not to buy, Without a market, supply is reduced. I will offend many people with this post, good to say. I would rather filter the immoral; just want to pay fast food cost, but want the quality of the three-star chef service; or directly do not want the quality of the guests. Hong Kong is a twisted business world, people hope that one day they can get something out of nothing. In foreign countries, to bid a design, the customer will pay first to make a Design Concept. Everyday life in every way to squeeze the extreme world of the interests of other people.To reverse this situation, relying on the government, or large enterprises to change this system, it is better to start from our own. In this era, can only rely on individuals to influence the others. Saving Jane is impractical.

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在香港, 一屋難求, 為何這樣說? 沒有人可以敵得過發展商發展微型樓, 今早看South China Morning Post. 用英文說: Micro flat已經不足以形容新樓的小. 要用Nano flat! 我們已經進化到要住納米樓. 從來我都不知道原來香港人身形是原子般的? 在現在的市場, 沒有人可以阻止外國人來香港買樓抄高樓价. 但我們在此聲明: 如果要幫助業主做劏房的生意, 我們不會做. 無論係住宅或商業樓. 如果要幫業主粉飾一間又漏水又爛的單位再讓他租出去, 我們都不會做. 我們不是要做一個金錢奴才開這間公司. 說實話, 寧願餓死都不做不人道的生意! 剛剛找到一遍報導, 現在的單位如兩個車位般大, 形容得非常實在! 而在我們室內設計又有什麼關係? 要在兩個車位內放洗手間, 廚房, 睡房還要儲物. 很有挑戰性, 不錯的說. 但一想到我們的生存空間連一架車都不如. 倒不如你不要買, 我不要做. 沒有市場, 就減少供應. 我這個Post會得罪很多人, 不錯的說. 我寧願過濾了不道德的; 只想付快餐價, 但想要三星大廚質素的服務; 又或是直接不想要質素最緊要平的客人. 香港是一個好扭曲的商業世界, 除了希望有朝一日可以不勞而鑊之外. 在外國, 要BID一個設計, 客戶都是會先付錢再做個Design Concept. 每日生活在每個人都想盡辦法去搾取其他人利益的極端世界. 要扭轉這個局面, 只依靠政府, 或大企業去改變這個制度, 不如由自己做起.在這個時代, 只能靠以個體來影響個體. 靠別人來打救簡直係不切實際.