Free Pricing Plan "自由定價"計劃

We have an exciting plan from the beginning of the new year of the dog, and to be able to help more people, we have a "free pricing plan." The plan is that we will understand your needs and start setting up your own style plan. If you are satisfied, you will pay the deposit first, and then we will make a complete set of design and construction drawings. You will pay the balance. We will provide the contractor's quotation and material quotation. If you are not in Hong Kong, You will then look for a local contractor, and we will use what's app or SKYPE to communicate with them on how to solve the construction problem, which is only applicable to SMEs' offices, restaurants, retail or NGO-related projects. If you need in this area, no matter where you are in the world, you are welcome to email us: 2plus4designltd @ gmail .com. E-mail subject, please specify "Free Pricing" Program. Please also give us the floor plan attachments and your request. Upon completion, we will ask the guest to return the complete photo of the scene as the company's portfolio. If the work appropriate, we will use for a competition. Look forward to your response. Wish a happy day, all the best.

新的一年開始, 我們有個有趣的計劃. 為了可以幫更多的人, 我們設有"自由定價"計劃. 計劃是這樣, 我們會了解你的需要, 開始設定專屬於你的風格設計圖. 如果你滿意, 就先付訂金. 之後我們會出全套設計施工圖. 你再付尾數. 我們會再提供師傅的裝修報價及物料報價. 如果你不是在香港的, 我們只會提供物料報價給你. 之後你再找當地的師傅, 我們會用電話或SKYPE跟他們溝通怎樣解決施工問題. 這個計劃只適用於中小企業的辦公室, 餐飲業, 小商店或NGO有關的項目. 這個計劃可以幫助一些想創業又想有獨特和環保設計的公司, 以他們的預算做到想要的室內設計顧問費用. 如果你有這方面的需要, 不論你在世界那個區域, 歡迎你電郵給我們: 電郵題目請註明"自由定價"計劃. 也請給我們平面圖附件和你的要求. 完工後我們會要求客人寄回裝修後的現場環境相片作為公司的作品. 而如果作品合適, 我們會拿來用作比賽用途. 期待你的回應. 祝天天快樂, 事事如意.