F&B design 餐飲設計

Restaurant design in Hong Kong, with the office and shop design time is almost the same very rush. About two weeks to a month, interior design minute and construction time almost synchronization. If you have a labeling consultant and kitchen appliances consultants, is divided at the same time the size of the kitchen, with what appliances, to the water location and air-conditioning distribution. Consider these consultants and design costs, only renovation costs are calculated about HKD 500,000. Of course, have budgets, the design can be beautiful. Your schedule will be more extended, you can use foreign designers furniture and materials. However, if the SME is using the cheapest method, there are a lot of business deals on the network. The existing decoration and licenses can be carried out at a single price without worrying too much about the honor. If only have a little budget, you can Taobao the table and the chairs, decorations, and tableware, but please accept the loss will be great, spent more money than the minute loss, will also create more garbage. If have higher budgets. Hong Kong has a lot of second-hand shops in Yau Ma Tei or Sham Shui Po, from kitchen utensils to dining tables and appliances. Of course, to tie in with a style or company image, Accompanied by the guests from the choice. If a bit higher budget, the style can accept, you can go to Southeast Asia to buy local furniture, and tableware once entrances exotic enough and shape to achieve unique results. Interior design can have a lot of ways to make the guests have different options, but the most important thing is to calculate the number of their budget is clear, so as not to finish the shop in less than three months to end. It is the last thing we don't want to see.

餐飲設計在香港來說, 跟辦公室及店舖設計的時間差不多一樣很趕. 約兩個星期到一個月不等, 室內設計分分鐘和裝修時間同步進行. 如果你有出飲食牌顧問及廚房用具顧問, 是同一時間劃分廚房大小, 用什麼用具, 來去水位置及冷氣分佈. 不計算這些顧問及設計費用, 只計算裝修費用都要約港幣50萬左右. 貴的方法當然時間表比較長, 可以用外國設計師傢具及物料. 預算可以好大, 設計也可以很美. 但如果是中小企業用平的方法, 現在網絡上面有很多生意買賣, 現有裝修及牌照, 用一個價錢就可以進行自己的事業了. 也不用擔心裝修太過於貴. 如果只有一點點預算, 用最平的手法, 可以在淘寶買枱和椅子, 裝飾品及餐具, 但請接受損耗會很大, 來貨的時間也會長一點, 花了的錢分分鐘得不償失, 也會製造更多的垃圾. 如果有高少少預算, 其實在油麻地或深水埗, 有很多夜冷店可以買到二手貨, 由廚房用具以至餐枱及餐具也可以買到. 當然啦, 要配合個風格或公司形象, 我們會陪同客人起選擇. 如果再多少少預算, 如果個風格配合, 大可以去東南亞地方去買當地的傢具及餐具一次過入口. 足夠的異國風情又形做到獨特的效果. 做室內設計可以有很多的方法可以令客人有不同的選擇方式. 但最緊要的是要計算清楚自己的預算是多少. 以免一開完舖沒有三個月就完結了. 賠了夫人又折兵是我們最不希望見到的.