Office design 辦公室設計

Now let's talk about office design. There are a lot of SMEs who are looking for a right place. The area for the right has already used a lot of money to pay the rent. I will recommend some second-hand nets, and even Facebook have second-hand goods. page, You Will find a lot of printers, benches, folders, telephones, etc. for you to enjoy. For companies with an only few budgets, we would suggest that some office-sharing companies can only rent the workstation, only need HKD 2-3000 per month to rent a workstation, and there are secretaries who can help you to answer the phone. Also, meet some new people and leads. If you can rent an independent unit, you can buy second-hand benches in Yau Ma Tei or Sham Shui Po District. If you have some budget left, you can design a nice reception and conference room. If there are more budgets, we can do the interior design of the whole area to match the company's image. Why do offices need to be designed? If your business needs to meet customers and corporate tastes can attract more customers, then the interior design is needed. However, if you do not need to see customers in the company, use it for crop flow, storage, or Goods do not need to be designed. The most important thing is to do what needs to be done. This will not create more garbage.

現在來談談辦公室設計. 有很多中小企想找一個對的地方, 對的面積就已經用了大量金錢用來付租金. 用具我會建議去一些二手網,甚至面書也有二手用品PAGE, 你會找到很多打印機, 枱凳, 文件夾, 電話等給你享用. 對於只有好少預算的公司, 我們會建議有些分享形的公司可以只租一個工作枱, 每月只需要2-3000元就可以租用一張工作枱, 有秘書聽電話, 又可以認識多些不同人和事. 可以租一個獨立單位的話, 可以油麻地或深水埗區買到需要的二手治凳. 如果還有少少預算, 可以設計一個比較美觀一點的接待處和會議室就足夠了. 如果再多一些預算, 才可以天地牆去做設計, 來配合公司形象. 為何辦公室需要有設計? 如果你的業務是需要見客戶, 公司品味可以吸納更多客戶, 那麼室內設計是需要的. 但如果是不需要在公司見客戶, 用來作物流,儲物, 或出貨用的就不需要設計了. 最重要的是有需要才去做設計.這樣才不會製造更多垃圾.