Special offer at Mother and father day

Mother day and father day are coming, nothing better to give them a cozy place to live. They are our shield; they give us the best, they don’t ask for a return. They were our sun while we were a kid. When we grow up, what do we give them? What if you can give them a nicer place to live?

If yes, right now 2plus4 interior design ltd provide a better price in May and June, every contract sigh up within this two month, you will have 10% off of the full design contract. Share your love with your family, return the best for them.

母親節和父親節即將來臨,沒有更好去給他們一個更舒適的居住地。 他們是我們的盾牌; 他們給我們最好的,他們不要求回報。 當我們還是個孩子時,他們就是我們的太陽。 當我們長大後,我們給他們什麼? 如果你能給他們一個更好的居住地方呢?

如果是的話,現在2+4工作室會在5月和6月提供更好的價格,每個合同在這兩個月內簽署,您將享受完整設計合同的9折優惠。 與你的家人分享你的愛,回報他們最好的。