2019 for everyone wishes

剛進入2019, 我地的願望和以前一樣, 雖然已經不停出POST去叫人改變下自己的生活習慣, 改變下消費模式. 但感覺上好似成效不大, 儘管係好重覆性地去講, 但都希望有人睇到. 你不亂買東西就不制造垃圾, 少了垃圾, 我地的環境污染也會減少. 少點用即棄膠, 少點掉垃圾落海, 依家面對的污染問題不止一個, 大公司大集團我地理唔到, 但我地可以做好自己本份. 願每個人都審視下自己2018做錯了什麼就不會重覆再犯, 有什麼做得對的就KEEP住做. 每個人都好一點點的話, 個世界會美好好多. 今年我可能會出現多一點的拍攝機會, 就睇下出鏡多一點可否令更多人醒一醒.

Just entering 2019, my wishes are the same as before, although I have not stopped to make the post to change other people living habits and change the consumption pattern. But it feels like it is not active, even though it is very repetitive to talk about But I hope someone will pick it up. You don't mess with buying things, you don't make garbage, you don't have trash, and the environmental pollution of planet earth will be reduced. Less use of disposable plastic, less garbage throw into the sea, There is more than one pollution problem facing us. I can't control a prominent business group, but I can do my part. I hope everyone will look at what they are doing wrong in 2018 and they will not repeat it. What you have done is good the please KEEP doing this. If everyone is a little better, the world will be much better. This year, I may have a bit more chance of shooting. Just take a look if can make more people wake up.