My Rental House Renovation

June 19, 2019

Even though I rental my house (I didn't buy a house in Hong Kong because it is too expensive...), I need a 5-star feeling. When you go home, that is your castle, you feel safe and relax at home. That's why I don't mind spending a bit of money to make it pleasant. 
I rental a house with two bedrooms, the door is a wrong way to open, so I remove it. But I don't know the landlord need it back or not. Also, my full high cabinet didn't have the back panel, so I use two doors to be my cabinet back.  Also, I bought a sliding door to be the two bedroom door
This house entrance door and door frame is dark brown color, it is a traditional Hong Kong style color, so I change it to be a light blue door frame and emerald color to be the entrance door color. Suddenly the mood becomes younger and vitality. 
The critical problem is the kitchen cabinet, all the plastic laminate fly out, but the landlord doesn't want to change it, because it will make the rental cost bigger. So I try to make it more cheaply. re-paint the low cabinet door, and change the top cabinet door to be a sliding door. The sliding door secured by a Watton board. After those little touches, this house at least can use over five more years with this design. 
That's why I always said, sometimes you no need to remove all the existing wall or room, use our professional skill, you still can redesign the place more cheaply.