My Rental House Renovation

Even though I rental my house (I didn't buy a house in Hong Kong because it is too expensive...), I need a 5-star feeling. When you go home, that is your castle, you feel safe and relax at home. That's why I don't mind spending a bit of money to make it pleasant. I rental a house with two bedrooms, the door is a wrong way to open, so I remove it. But I don't know the landlord need it back or not. Also, my full high cabinet didn't have the back panel, so I use two doors to be my cabinet back. Also, I bought a sliding door to be the two bedroom door This house entrance door and door frame is dark brown color, it is a traditional Hong Kong style color, so I change it to be a light blue door frame and emerald color to be the entrance door color. Suddenly the mood becomes younger and vitality. The critical problem is the kitchen cabinet, all the plastic laminate fly out, but the landlord doesn't want to change it, because it will make the rental cost bigger. So I try to make it more cheaply. re-paint the low cabinet door, and change the top cabinet door to be a sliding door. The sliding door secured by a Watton board. After those little touches, this house at least can use over five more years with this design. That's why I always said, sometimes you no need to remove all the existing wall or room, use our professional skill, you still can redesign the place more cheaply.

即使我是租房子的(我沒有在香港買房子,因為它太貴......),我還是需要一個五星級的家的感覺。當你回家,這是你的城堡,你會感到安全和放鬆。這就是為什麼我不介意花一點錢讓它變得更愉快和舒適。 我租了一間有兩間臥室的房子,門是錯誤的打開方式,所以我把它拆下來。但我不知道房東是否需要它。另外,我的全高櫃沒有後面板,所以我用兩扇門作為我的櫃子背。另外,我買了一扇推拉門作為兩居室的門。 這個房子的入口門和門框是深褐色,它是一種傳統的港式色彩,所以我把它改成粉藍色的門框和祖母綠色作為入口門的顏色。突然間,氣氛變得更年輕,更有活力。 關鍵問題是廚櫃,所有膠板面都飛出來,但房東不想改變它,因為它會使租金成本更大。所以我試著讓它更便宜。低櫃門重新塗漆,並將頂櫃門改為滑動門。滑動門由瓦通板固定。經過那些小小的接觸,這個房子至少可以使用這個設計超過五年。 這就是為什麼我總是說,有時你不需要拆除所有現有的牆壁或房間,使用我們的專業技能,你仍然可以用更便宜的价錢重新設計這個地方。