we fight for the Virus

In this period, the virus everywhere, maybe you are work from home, maybe you are no pay leave. But don’t worry, we are in Hong Kong offering 20% off price design fee for your project.

Kindly visit our website below for more information; https://www.2plus4.com/

We are pleased to tell you that we just got the 2017 China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair Award, please find our blog below:


​​Also, we are looking for some potential projects for the upcoming year's interior design competition. It will be nice if we can take your project to make it.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a nice day and drug me a message anytime.

Please visit our interview with Geometric Image:


在此期間,病毒無處不在,也許您是在家工作,也許您沒有帶薪休假。 但是請放心,我們在香港為您的項目提供八折設計費。

請訪問下面的我們的網站以獲取更多信息; https://www.2plus4.com/

很高興地告訴您,我們剛剛獲得了2017年中國國際建築裝飾和設計藝術博覽會獎,請在下面找到我們的博客: https://www.2plus4.com/single-post/2017/11/27/2017-China-International-Architectural-Decoration-and-Design-Art-Fair-Award

此外,我們正在為來年的室內設計競賽尋找一些潛在的項目。 如果我們能接受您的項目來做,那就太好了。


祝您有美好的一天,隨時向我發送消息。 請通過幾何圖像訪問我們的採訪: