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這間公司專賣LUXURY PRODUCT, 這是一個好有良心的客戶. 這位負責人好好的一個人包起六個職員的人工. 相信好多人都知道在疫情期間有多少老闆要炒人來保住公司. 這位負責人做事非常有效率. 而且做一次設計就已經收貨. 這位客戶是多年來我都沒有遇見過的好客戶, 我感到非常幸運!



苦苦等待, 總會等到出頭時. 孔雀開屏祝寓貴公司如開屏般發揮自己的美好. 也如孔雀為求偶時開屏吸引對方, 寓意祝貴公司財源廣進.孔雀身上的毛色也如色彩鮮艷的叢林, 這設計會用一些叢林畫面的牆紙. 主色調會用中灰色, 藍綠色為焦點位, 淺黃色做點綴.

為了為客戶減低成本, 是次設計時期只用了一個星期, 也沒有3D RENDERING, 工期用了約三個星期. 是次也是第一次全用淘寶物料, 3D PAINT的牆紙效果還好, 只是和內地人溝通總是有問題, 尺寸給了他們也可以做錯, 令到是次工程的鑊氣很多, 本人心感抱歉, 想為客戶減低成本, 但淘寶的客服和質素真的不可靠才令工程不順利. 建議其他客戶還是用本地的SUPPLIER會比較好, 起碼不會錯尺寸. 是次也要多謝師傅們的幫忙, 補救了好多問題. 祝客戶生意蒸蒸日上.

This company specializes in luxury products, which is a very conscientious customer. This founder promise to kept six staff in the company and make sure they have a job. I believe that many people have known about this virus period, many bosses need to fire their staff to keep the company alive. Also, this founder is very efficient. She accepts the first design presentation. In those many years, a good customer I have never met, I feel very lucky!

This time design concept is:

Peacock Flaunting

The thing will be good when the times come. The peacock flaunting and wishes your company finally can use your ability. Also like a peacock flaunting for courting, it means to wish your company attract more wealth. The color of the peacock's body is also like a brightly colored jungle, This design will use the jungle pictures as the wallpaper. The main color will be medium gray, blue-green as the focal point, and light yellow for embellishment..

In order to reduce costs for customers, the design period only took one week, and there was no 3D rendering, and the construction period took about three weeks. This is also the first time all Taobao materials are used. The effect of 3D paint wallpaper is good, but there are always problems communicating with people in the Mainland. They can make mistakes of the size is given to them. This makes this project a lot of extra money and problems. I am so sorry about that, want to reduce costs for customers, but Taobao’s customer service and quality are really unreliable. The project was not smooth. It is better to recommend other customers to use the local supplier, at least the size will not be wrong. This time, I would like to thank the constructor for their help and remedy many problems. I wish the customer's business prospe